Pet Hospitality

Choosing to be pet-friendly can be a competitive advantage and it will help the tourist facility to create its brand positioning, to increase its revenue and social reputation.

Providing a professional welcome service to the customer with a dog is also a sign of respect and empathic attention towards him.

Each accommodation facilities can choose its own Pet Hospitality degree. You can decide to let the dogs access, providing a minimum standard, or you can decide to show particular attention to this kind of clients and become a pet-friendly facility and finally you can transfer your passion for pets in your own structure and become a top pet friendly facility.

DOGS ALLOWED. All accommodations that decide to accept dogs shouldn't make a difference on sizes and should provide an essential standard set up: a washable dog-sized bed / a cushion, two bowls.

The room intended to accommodate the dog should be more spacious or with an outdoor space and possibly be placed in an area with little passage of people (not near the elevator or entrance) to avoid, as much as possible, noises that could make the dog bark.

PET FRIENDLY A pet friendly hotel declares a special attention to this kind of custumers and should prove it.

To do this, it is important to know in advance all the information concerning the dog (sex, breed, age, size, name) in order to prepare the room accessories, a welcome kit and to be able to arrange  consistently the rooms occupied by customers with dogs in the structure.

In addition to the basic equipment, the choice of a larger room placed in a place with little passage of people, we recommend allocating a fenced outdoor area where customers can let their dogs free and play. Alternatively, you can indicate to the owners, though a leaflet left in the room, where to find dog fenced areas nearby .

A pet friendly facility, in our opinion,  should allow customers with dogs to access the restaurants space, allocating them an area or times in which to bring their favorite with them. This prevent dogs from staying alone in the room and disturbing other clients.

TOP PET FRIENDLY. When combining passion together with professionalism and consistency, you create an unforgettable experience for the guest and his dog, who will not only share the moment, but he will also be happy to return.

Facilities are considered Top Pet Friendly when they are able to offer services designed specifically for this kind of clients: the availability of a dog sitter to allow the owner to visit museum or to enjoy an afternoon in a spa, the offer of itineraries in the mountains, in the villages, in the parks, which the owner and dog can travel together, the possibility of sporting activities (trekking, frisbee, swimming pool), the possibility of setting lessons with an educator, the agreement with a veterinarian ...

Anyone traveling with a dog is willing to spend on services and activities that are truly designed for their needs and expectations.


Some valuable tips to better welcome your customers with dogs