The dog is an integral part of the family and professional and attentive pet hospitality is a way to communicate how much your client and his/her dog are welcome and important guests.

For this reason, we have created three different courtesy kits each containing useful, quality, and beautiful products.

A range of courtesy kits is designed for the well-being and enjoyment of the dog and for the safety and joy of the owner. Created by hand or by choosing the best, natural and eco-sustainable products, the pochettes and boxes can be customized with the facility's logo and composed as required.

Bau welcome kit

An unforgettable stay must be safe.

For this reason we decided to enrich our box with a personalized dog medal and a tag to put out of the room.

Our "I'm sleeping here" tag will alert anyone who passes out of the room or has to enter to clean, the presence of the dog in the room.

The customer will be more serene by making the dog wear the medal bearing the name and telephone number of the hotel.

Bau gift box

We designed our Bau Gift Box for the well-being and enjoyment of the dog but also for the enjoyment of the owner.

To compose it we looked for the best products created using only natural components.

Sold in the hotel shops it is an irresistible gift for the dog owner who wants it for himself or to take away.

The Bau Gift box can be customized by including a choice of the following products:

-  90gr doggy lunch  box

- the cotton rope toy suitable for pulling and throwing games. Made of natural cotton fibers, it is bio-degradable.

- the moisturizing truffle and paw balm with shea butter

- the ideal natural cleansing lotion for daily dog grooming or after outdoor activities. It cleanses and deodorizes the coat while releasing a pleasant citrus scent.

-natural scented essence. Available in floral or tobacco and cannabis fragrance

- the solid shampoo for washing the dog's coat. Composed only of natural ingredients

The result will be an elegant and exclusive gift box!

The box can be customized with your logo for a minimum of 200 pcs.

It is composed by:

- a 90gr box of Food for Dogs,

- a cotton rope braid suitable for traction games and to be thrown. The rope is made from natural cotton fibers and is ecological and bio-degradable.

- a 25gr box moisturizing balm nose and paws with karitè butter.

-a pack of 100ml of natural cleansing lotion ideal for daily cleaning of the dog or after outdoor activities. It cleanses and deodorizes the hair releasing a pleasant citrus scent.

Bau pochette

A comfortable, handmade cotton clutch bag that can be customized by embroidering the logo. Can be coordinated with the quilt.

The contents can be made up by inserting a choice between :

- the doggy lunch box

- the cotton rope toy

- a roll of biodegradable bags

- the natural cleansing lotion

- natural scented essence

- solid shampoo

- the moisturising truffle and paw balm

The result will be an elegant and unique courtesy kit!