Equipment for room

To set up a cozy room for the customer and in which even the dog can be at ease, rest peacefully and find his place, are necessary very few precautions:

a high and comfortable pillow,

a quilt for the bed,

two clean and indestructible bowls.

Only in this way your room will be truly dog-friendly!


If a small dog wants to sleep on the bed it will be difficult to stop him.

Then is better let him find a comfortable quilt made of a soft “peach touch” microfibre, water-repellent and washable.

microfiber: gray color

colored cotton edges (a choice of white, dove grey, light blue, blue, red and green) and can be embroidered with the logo of the structure

dimensions: 73x102 cm


Our dog’s pillow is tall and soft, removable and washable, so it's clean and odourless to welcome every new guest.

It’s made in two sizes so that every medium and large dog can be comfortable.

Covered in waxed cotton or 100% recycled nylon.

Padding in wadding

Available color: anthracite gray.


We have chosen heavy, essential, easy to wash and indestructible stainless steel aluminum bowls.

So that each guest can enjoy maximum hygiene. However, we do not give up on a touch of elegance: each bowl can be screen-printed with the name of the structure.

Two sizes: 20 cm - 16 cm


Made of easy-to-clean natural rubber, it is useful to prevent the dog from dirtying the floors and transporting the bowls around the room!

Dimensions: 45x25 cm