Pet parenthood

Dogs are no longer simple pets to cuddle, but real children with consequent  anxieties, protections and responsibilities towards them.

95% of Italian pet owners believe that dogs (and cats) are full members of the family (Assalco Zoomark 2019)


In recent years there has been a change in the habits of dog owners who increasingly share moments of leisure and holidays with their companion.

It is a virtuous circle:

transport companies, accommodation facilities, beaches, restaurants are welcoming more and more owners and their dogs and the owners themselves are increasingly tempted to move with their pets.

On the other hand, the data demonstrate and justify the trend

In 2020 3.5% million Italians went on holiday with their dog (EMG ACQUA 2020)

49% of those who have a dog are willing to pay more to stay in a pet-friendly facility (source Eriscsoft 2020)

In 57% of cases, the presence of the pet influences the choice of accommodation and in 31% the choice of destination. (Doxa 2018)


Social Network

People who share their lives with a dog often belong to very active communities on social media. There is also a tendency to open profiles in which the influencer is the dog himself. These profiles can have thousands of followers!

An accurate and original welcome to this target customer can certainly activate a positive communication from guests and can also be used by the facility itself to intercept new customers.


Including a page on your site describing  the services offered, the type of reception, any activities that the owner and dog can carry out during their stay will have the double advantage: informing customers and strengthening the SEO activity of the search engine.


The presence of your pet hospitality services on OTAs or in specific market places can increase your visibility, while contributing to seasonally adjust bookings and acquire new customers.