Pet Hospitality

Choosing to be pet-friendly, can be a competitive advantage and it will help the tourist facility to create its brand positioning, to increase its revenue and social reputation.

It is not necessary to have an exaggerated passion for animals, but it is essential to have professionalism and coherence.

Each accommodation facility can choose its own Pet Hospitality degree:

DOGS ALLOWED level. For those who decide to accept dogs, we recommend providing an essential reception kit, a washable kennel / pillow, bowls and, if possible, to allocate a more spacious room or a room with a terrace or an outdoor area.

Thanks to this basic equipment you can apply a small mark up on the cost of the room.
Also to hotels that allow access to dogs we suggest to provide FFD as a courtesy kit first and then sell it to customers with dogs.

It is an unexpected, welcome surprise and at the same time a convenient service.

PET FRIENDLY level. A pet friendly hotel declares a special attention to this type of costumers and should prove it.

In addition to the basic equipment, where possible, it is advisable to create a fenced and equipped outdoor dog area where customers can leave their pets free.

Alternatively, a leaflet, indicating a dog area close to the hotel, should be provided in the room to inform guests. If the hotel declares to be pet friendly, it is important to allow customers with dogs to access the restaurant by allocating them an area when to eat meals with their 4-leg friend.

This allows dogs not to stay in the room during breakfast or dinner and it helps avoiding risks such as disturbing other guests. A pet friendly structure should be able to provide meals for their 4-leg guests.

FFD is a comfortable, healthy solution, which avoids the promiscuous use of the structures kitchen and prevents the rooms from being dirty. Being composed only of human grade meat, from a single protein source and vegetables it is suitable for any type of dogs and minimizes the risk of allergies.

In pet friendly structures it is correct to apply a mark up to the room and charge any additional services.

TOP PET FRIENDLY level.  When combining passion together with professionalism and consistency, you create an unforgettable experience for the guest and his dog, who will not only share the moment, but he will also be happy to return.

The top pet friendly facilities offer their customers with dogs a series of services and activities to do together such as: walks in the mountains, in the villages, in the parks or sports as dog trekking, frisbee.
In addition, for the fun and relaxation of the 4-legged friend, they can have a swimming pool, a fenced area equipped with games and a dog-spa.

 A top pet-friendly accommodation should offer a chance to book a dog sitter to allow the owner to visit museums, churches or take an afternoon in the spa. Having an agreement with a veterinarian will also add value to the top pet-friendly facility.

The possibility of offering your guests a dog meal for his pet is not only a distinctive service, but also an additional source of revenue. Whoever travels with his dog is willing to spend more on services and activities that are designed for his pet needs and expectations.



Whatever the level of service offered, it is necessary to carry out adequate sanitization of the room after each stay. Sanitization can be carried out through ozone which is natural, bactericidal, virucidal and eliminates odors or with other methods / products.