Food for Dogs makes it easy to be with your dog

Many comforts to live together

The dog is an integral part of the family and we love to spend our free time with him.

After a day of work, should we leave him at home while going for an aperitif or dinner with friends? A weekend in a city of art, a spa-day, a summer holiday, a day on the beach or a trip to the mountains isn’t more fun and joyful with our 4-legg friend?

And when the feeding time comes, Food For Dogs allows you to feed it everywhere, in a comfortable, healthy and fast way! 

Pet hospitality: many comforts and advantages to share together

In hotel, B&B, apartment

To assure a warm and unforgettable welcome to both the owner and the dog, we advise to leave a FFD box in the room.

Food for dogs can be eaten without any manipulations, into the box, working as a bowl. In this way the dog doesn’t get dirty.

The food, thanks to its quality, has a delicate scent and can be safely eaten also in a hotel room.

The packaging last 1 year. Once opened, it can be kept into the refrigerator for a few days.

FFD can be used as a courtesy kit or sold to guests with dogs as an ancillary service through the customizable Bau Menu.  Food For dogs is a precious convenience and an exclusive service.

Happy dog happy owner!

At the restaurant

If you want to make an evening unforgettable, we recommend to offer FFD to your customers with dogs.
Thanks to our elegant Bau Menu, you can inform the owners of the presence of this exclusive service and provide them with the list of ingredients and all nutritional information

FFD can be eaten next to the owner's table, into its box-bowl, without further handling and without the dog getting dirty. FFD avoids promiscuous use of the restaurant kitchen. Our wet food, thanks to its quality, is fragrance free and it does not bother other clients. Moreover, the colors of our boxes are glamour and nice to see.

Happy dog, happy owner.

At the beach

Food For Dogs is an essential and key product that both the owner and his dog will appreciate.

It provides an already premade snack which will satisfy the urge for an energetic refreshment.

It’s easy to serve, healthy and tasty.

It is supplied in a free-standing, convenient display, which allows owners to have it available without leaving the beach.
The Food for Dogs box can also contain water. Our Bau menu and posters inform the presence of the exclusive service.
Both box and display are made from cardboard and they can be disposed in the paper recycle bins. The vacuum bag can also be disposed in the aluminum recycle bins.

Happy dog, happy owner

At the bar

What to offer, as the aperitif or snack continues and the customers dog is getting bored and hungry?

Create a welcome WOW effect and bring the personalized Bau Menu to the table! You will make the dog happy and you will find yourself cheerful and might even reach new popularity through social media.

Food for Dogs with fresh meat and vegetables represents a healthy and comfortable snack. The dog can enjoy it immediately and without getting the place dirty.

Happy dog, happy owner