Doggy lunch box

Our dog lunch box is made from a cardboard box, that serves as a bowl, containing a vacuum pack of ready-to-use wet dog food. Vacuum packed food comes in the form of a hamburger and is made of single-protein, humane grade meat and vegetables.

We offer two varieties of product: the yellow box with chicken and the tiffany blue one with pork.

Bau Menu

To properly inform the owner about the ingredients and make the sale easier, we have created a Bau Menu, which can be customized with the logo.

Meal or supplement

FFD can be used both as a complete meal or a complementary food. FFD can be an excellent supplement to kibble feeding. Thanks to its extraordinary palatability it can encourage a dog to eat in a different environment.

  Dogs love it!


FFD is available in two weights: 90g for dogs under 10kg and 200g for medium and large dogs.

FFD is safe

Because it is:

- an industrial and non-household product

- produced by a company that respects all quality and safety standards relating to the production and packaging of food products

- vacuum sealed

- does not require manipulation by other people

- served in its box-bowl and does not need to be moved to another container

- served directly by the owner