Dog-friendly holidays

In recent years there has been a change in the habits of dog owners who increasingly share leisure time and holidays with their pet.

It is a virtuous circle. In fact, many transport companies, tourist accommodation, beaches and restaurants are beginning to accept and welcome tourists and their dogs and this is encouraging dog owners to increasingly travel with their pets.

Data shows the trend:

42% of  Italian families, who have a dog, take it on vacation with them (source Doxa 2018)

49% of those with a dog are willing to pay more to stay in a pet - friendly tourist facility (source Eriscsoft).

In 57% of cases, the presence of a pet influences the choice of accommodation (Doxa 2018)

In 31% of cases, the pet presence influences the choice of destination (Doxa 2018).

The power of web

Social Network

People who share their life with a dog often belong to communities that are very active on social platforms. There is also a tendency to open profiles in which the influencer is the dog himself and many of these profiles have thousands of followers.

So, an accurate and original welcome to this target customer, can help in creating positive feedbacks of your business on their social media pages, which can lead in attracting new customers to your structure.

Web site

Including a page, which describes the services offered, will have the double advantage for the business:

informing customers and strengthening the search engine's SEO activity.


To help increasing the business visibility, to encourage new bookings and to acquire new costumers, we recommend indicating

the pet hospitality services provided on the OTA or in specific marketplaces.