Company profile

“Why my dogs cannot enjoy a meal with me at the restaurant?” I was thinking while dressing to go out with friends and my two dogs George and Ophelia. Although part of my family like the other members, when traveling or taking them with me I always arrange bringing  their jelly. No welcoming structure was able to meet the needs of the traveler or the customer with the dog.
This is how Food for Dogs was born, from a personal need, with the aim of solving the need to feed our pets in an easy and functional way outside home, with the ambition of promoting a change of habits in both dog owners and those who work in the hospitality sector, materializing the concept of pet hospitality.

With my friend and partner Roberta we created  a line of quality products, sustainable and glamour, as we are sure that a  professional and widespread pet hospitality, not only allows a better and easier coexistence between dog and man but allows the accommodation facilities  offering it, to stand out from competitors and increase the range of services and revenue.
The range of FFD products dedicated to  hotels and restaurants (as well as at beaches, bars, roadside restaurants, ferries), consists of a lunch box with doggy bowl function, made in different sizes and variants, containing an airless packaging of moist dog food, ready for use. The elegant packaging is made of re-cycled paperboard and, not only functional and easy to use, but even created with a pop design to gratify the customer and to be offered in sophisticated locations. Vacuum-packed food is made of humane grade, healthy and balanced stewed meat with great attention to quality, super appreciated by dogs.

To inform the pets’ owner about the ingredients and complete the offer we have produced a Bau Menu in different languages.
FFD was founded in October 2018, recognized as an innovative start-up and after winning the notice of the Chamber of Commerce of Como, it is incubated in Como Next Innovation Hub. Its product is already distributed in over 30 Italian 4 and 5 stars hotels.