Bau gift box

The Bau Gift Box is a useful and elegant gift for the enjoyment of the dog but also for the joy of the owner. To perfect it, we looked for the best products by using only natural components.

As a gift or to sell

As a courtesy kit it is a warm welcome to the guests and their 4-leg friend. Sold in hotel shops, relais and pet friendly accommodations, it is an irresistible gift for the dog owner who wants it for himself or to take away.

Only natural products

The Bau gift box is composed of:

a 90g box of Food for Dogs

a hand-made non-chemically treated cotton rope game

a 50ml pack of perfumed floral essence

a pack of 100ml of natural cleansing lotion

The lotion, produced by Union Bio, contains synergistic plant extracts. It is ideal for the daily cleaning of the dog or after outdoor activities. It is also useful for cleaning the muzzle, paws and intimate parts. It cleans and deodorizes the hair, releasing a pleasant citrus fragrance.

The perfumed essence, also produced by Union Bio, releases a natural persistent fragrance. Its composition, rich in precious vegetable aromas, is alcohol-free to not irritate the skin and hair.

The cotton rope is suitable for traction games and to be thrown. It has two knots to make it easier for dogs to grab it. It is also composed of natural cotton fibers and it is ecological and bio-degradable.