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The new catering service for hotels and restaurants was presented at BIT

07.02.2019 - IlSole24Ore
IlSole24Ore presents Food for Dogs srl Italy in its debut at Bit in Milan. In the area of Start Up Tourism, Food for Dogs is not the only start-up that deals with professional services to all accommodation facilities that welcome travellers with their dogs. A rapidly growing business.

Winning Ideas: catering for dogs

24.12.2018 - La Provincia
3 owners out of 5 change their destination if they do not find an accommodation facility that welcomes their dog. Professional reception with quality products becomes a distinctive element that affects revenue and reputation.

Food for Dogs among the innovative start-ups incubated in the Como Next Innovatiion Hub

31.10.2018 - La Provincia
Food for Dogs participated and won, together with 4 other companies, the 2018 contest promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Como aimed at start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Food for Dogs will be "incubated" for one year at the Como Next technology hub which, through an assisted route, will allow access to specialized services and privileged contacts, thus accelerating growth.
gambero rosso food for dogs

Gourmet food for dogs. From Sadler to Bau Bar

30.07.2018 - Gambero Rosso
The latest idea about the food for dogs comes directly “under the table” of titled restaurants. Claudio Sadler is one of the leaders who has chosen to take advantage of the Food for Dogs service. Here you are what it is about, and the reason why it makes customers who want to take their dog to the restaurant very happy.
vivijesolo food for dogs

Food à porter on the beaches and at the hotels of Jesolo

June 2018 - ViviJesolo
Jesolo is one of the first Italian tourist destinations to develop a specific project related to Pets. That’s why Food for Dogs is working with Jesolo to improve its offer!

The awarded female entrepreneurship for Food for Dogs

18.10.2018 - Grazia
Thanks to Food for Dogs project, Sara Merighi is the protagonist and rewarded, along with other female entrepreneurs who have been able to follow their dream.


Sadler introduces the first Food for Dogs service into his own restaurant

29.06.2017 -, You Mark
Born in 1956, Claudio Sadler is, with his Haute Cuisine in Milan, the first “Starred Chef” that has introduced into his restaurant Food for Dogs, the innovative service for dog owners who want to extend the gourmet experience to their inseparable four-legged friends...