The first catering service for Dogs

Food for Dogs is a practical and elegant solution to the need for feeding and care of dogs, anywhere and in any situation. Food for Dogs is the first catering service for dogs.

Food for Dogs is aimed at
hotel, b&b, relais, restaurants, beaches, coffee...

It is a unique and exclusive B2B service that offers dog owners the chance to find high quality, easy&ready-to-use food in any accommodation facility. It consists of a box that serves as a bowl and contains one package of super-premium, balanced, healthy and very appetizing wet food.
Food for Dogs is a product conceived with love to feed dogs away from home with the same quality and care that owners reserve for their four-legged friends at home, so that they can share moments of leisure together.

pappa à porter

What are the advantages?

For accommodation facilities and tourists both

Food for Dogs gives accommodation facilities the chance to offer a unique and exclusive service to dog owners, thus being rewarded with this target of customers.

Food for Dogs makes it easier for dog owners to organize travels and trips, but it also helps them to enjoy hotel, catering and transport services.

Many comforts and advantages to share together

The way to be really pet friendly lodgings


Together Is Bau

Food for Dogs is a courtesy kit: a good beginning.


Relax & the Box

A beauty treatment for her, Food for Dogs for her pet.


Dog meal on the beach

Food for Dogs, to take care of everybody on the beach.


Dinner Gourmet, Meal à Porter

Food for Dogs, for an excellent meal under a “starred table”.

Who are

Roberta and Sara: long-standing friends but different in everything. We love dogs.



After my degree in Modern Literature I decided to work for passion and I opened a pet shop with a beauty saloon grooming in Como. I share my life with my dogs Wilma, Misspiggy and Ardito Desio, my cat.

And now I’m dedicating all the experience I have to Food for Dogs.


After my business degree I spent most of my career in marketing and communication. Now I’m Senior Manager in the branded communication unit of Sky. I live with George and Ophelia and I take care of dogs with no family.
 Food for Dogs is for me the way to dedicate myself to dogs, who are my great passion, by using the skills I’ve developed.