The first catering for dogs

Food for Dogs is a practical and elegant solution to the need for nutrition and care of the dog outside the home, in every place and in every situation. Food for Dogs is the first catering for dogs.

Food for Dogs is aimed at
hotels, B & Bs, relays, restaurants, beaches, cafes ...

It is a unique and exclusive B2B service that offers dog owners the opportunity to find ready-to-eat food. high quality and easy to use in any accommodation facility. It is composed of a box that acts as a bowl and contains a pack of super-premium, balanced, healthy and super palatable wet food. Food for Dogs is designed with love to make the dog eat outside the home with the same quality and care that the owner reserves for him at home, allowing him to share every moment of leisure with him.

What are the advantages?

For both tourist facilities and tourists

FFD makes it easier for dog owners to organize travels and trips with their dogs, as they will not have to carry around any dog food.

FFD can be sold through our exclusive Bau Menu in the restaurant, proposed as a room feature or as an additional service on the beach.

 FFD allows you to stand out from the competition, to offer a new and exclusive service with a positive impact on revenue and contributes to increase reputation on social channels. An accurate welcome to the dog gratifies the customer by improving his experience within your hotel, restaurant or beach.

pappa à porter

Wow effect!

A pleasant and comfortable surprise for your customers who will offer their dogs a gourmet, healthy and appetizing meal while sharing a relaxing moment with them.


Traveling and having fun with your dog should be a pleasure. FFD offers different solutions to dog friendly businesses, to make sure the experience is pleasant for both, the owner and the dog.

Who we are

Roberta and Sara: friends since forever, different in all. We love dogs.



After graduating in Letters I decided to dedicate myself to a job that is also a passion. For 20 years I have been grooming and I have a pet shop in the province of Como. I share my life with my dogs Wilma, MissPiggy, and Ardito Desio, my cat.
In Food for Dogs there is the competence and experience that I have gained over the years.


Graduated in Economics, I have always worked in the field of communication and advertising. For 10 years in Sky, I deal with branded content and product placement in television programs, I share my free time with my dogs Ofelia and George and I dedicate myself to dogs without families.
With Food for dogs I realize my dream of taking care of animal welfare using the skills gained in the communication sector.